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My first official Fan Club

I’m happy to announce you that now I have my first official Fan Club at Actually I have 2 fan clubs, one for my nude account – Lolitka – and one for my non nude account – JesseJo . We’ve been waiting for this amazing feature for quite some time and now it’s finally […]

JesseJo loves FreeOnes

I made these fan sign pictures for to show them my true love, yey !! I hope Petra will approve them and she will give me the Official Star Checked Member status at the FreeOnes boards ! In the meanwhile , here is my FreeOnes profile ( yes they’ve been so sweet to make […]

My profiles @ net

Some of my profiles on internet, in case you wanna stalk me lol : : Twitter : Myspace: Dailymotion : Just a short note…I posted these profiles so you guys can watch my videos , my pictures posted there etc. Will not chat with you there or give […]

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