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A Casual Picture

Took this picture yesterday night when I went out to have dinner with Lexis then we went shopping for some food and hair products. We love to eat, haha , thanks God for the gym, otherwise we would look like 2 big balloons lol . Lexis is more fortunate than me coz she burns the […]

Picture of the Day

Been taking a break , don’t freak out, I didn’t run off with a nice handsome , rich, sexy guy ! lol I’m still here, I just needed some time for myself, I went to watch some movies , saw “2012” and “Saw VI” , had lunch with Lexis, been shopping . Yesterday I stayed […]

Me and Lexis

Took a picture with my phone while I was out for a coffee with Lexis. The pic quality is crappy lol I need a new phone. And I was not wearing make up , yikes…all natural lol. Lexis is sooooo cute , luff her !! She is one of my best friends except my sis. […]

And the winner is….

Yay, I wanted to let you guys know that I won the Camwithher video competition with the most views ! My gorgeous friend Silvia won the creativity contest with her sexy geisha video, way to go Silvia, you deserved it ! I’m so excited and I would have never done this without your help ! […]

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