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Breast Expansion Blackmail and smoking

Breast Expansion Blackmail and smoking ** This is a custom video, if you want to order your own, email me at jessyadamsc4s at for a price quote ** You fired me! How dare you? After all these years during which I’ve been your faithful maid and mistress? After I got bigger boobs just to […]

Breast expansion – Bigger and bigger until they pop

BREST EXPANSION, ACTUAL INFLATION, 3 INFLATION SCENES, SOUND EFFECTS. ****** This clip made it in TOP 8 CLIPS OVERALL ******* Growth/inflation scene is on fast forward in the GIF image (in the right) so it doesn’t result in a very large file. During the downloaded clip, the video is playing at a normal speed. Breast […]

Breast Expansion – Blow out my implants, Doctor !!!

I go to the doctor’s office again, so disappointed by my boobs. He keeps telling me that he can’t make my boobs any bigger, but I’ve seen girls with huge implants. I take off my bra and top and show him how small they are ! I want mine huge too. Bigger is better ! […]

Breast Expansion – Magic growth potion makes my boobs so huge

New Breast Expansion video :  Tonight is our anniversary and my boyfriend has prepared a special gift for me. A magic potion that will make my huge balloons grow even more. I’m reluctant to try it, not only because my boobs are already so huge and pumped up, more than my skin and my back […]

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