Pvc corset mini gallery

Few days ago I was making a video for a zip set with this new black pvc corset so I thought I’d take a few pictures and post them here.

The zip will be up soon, but will consist in just a topless video this time, no pictures hehe.

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  1. Demonic says:

    Soooooooooo hot JJ! damn girl you just keep getting better 😉 booties, PVC, Boobies, pretty girl… what more could a man want? haha

  2. jessejo says:

    Thank you Demy !! what more could a man want? uhm maybe digital quality pictures ? lol

  3. Demonic says:

    lol or the real thing hehe 😉

  4. jessejo says:

    Ohhhhhhhhh then he has to be a hell of a MAN !!! lol

  5. Timar says:

    JesseJo is stunning!

  6. jessejo says:

    Hey sweet Tim, thank you baby !! <3

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