Picture of the Day

Freezing your toosh off?  Winter is here , it’s  holiday time, lots of presents , can’t wait ! Sitting beside a cozy fire with friends and a favorite drink . The holidays…. the smell of baked goods fresh from the kitchen. Cozy time!!! candles… sweaters…Hot chocolate….!! Cinnamon !

This is today’s picture of the day ….wearing just a hat, scarf and boots ! Feeling a bit cold, baby, won’t ya come closer and warm me up ? The cooler it gets, the closer I cuddle.<3


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6 Responses to “Picture of the Day”

  1. Demonic says:

    Very sexy JJ! boots are a great touch 😉 haha x

  2. jessejo says:

    You don’t like boots at all, do you ? :D:P:P hehe , muahhhhhhhh !!

  3. Demonic says:

    nahh hate them all 😛 haha x

  4. jessejo says:

    Damn !! *goes to throw all her boots away*

  5. Demonic says:

    dont u dareee! lol

  6. jessejo says:

    Too late ! Threw them all, now you gotta buy me 60 all new pairs ! :)))))))))

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