How I learned to perform CPR – Super sexy CPR

So Micah was saying that he doesnt trust my CPR skills so I wanted to show him where I learned CPR from :D:D:D
I swear I’ll follow all the steps precisely, especially if the victim is as hot as the babe in the video ! I can’t wait to begin the compressions haha !

The Last Exorcism – BEST OF Chatroulette reactions

I was reading James’s blog and I saw this awesome funny video, almost made me piss my panties laughing ! (Just kidding, I wasn’t wearing any :D)

Watch all these guys, looking idiotic at the sight of this pretty girl stripping for them, until she turns into she-devil.

Happy Titty Tuesday

Happy Titty Tuesday everyone, yayyyy !  Time to enjoy some big titties, right ?

I signed up for an account at FormSpringMe and now you guys can ask me anything you like here : even anonymously.

I will make sure to answer all the questions you send me , this is gonna be fun, yay !!!!

Today I received my FreeOnes gear in the mail and I was soooo excited ! I also got a free DVD with some lesbian action hehe, that is so hot , interesting to watch ! Let’s see, what else I got ….a FO pen, a couple of FO tattoo stickers and the FO gear.

I can’t wait to shoot some sexy hot pictures in their gear, I’ll try to do it soon ! As I said, I’m really excited about it !

Some while ago I posted a Chipin widget on my blog, so I just wanted to remind you that if you want you can contribute to my new laptop and expect hot pictures and videos in exchange. All the trransactions are safe and are processed thru PayPal, I won’t see any of your private info so no worries, you are safe !  Click here to visit my Chipin page.

Feel free to comment on my posts and ask me anything using the FormSpringme widget ! Kisssssss !!

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Baby oil video for SleeplessJ

I made this nice little video for SleeplessJ , just to thank him for being such a sweetheart…He likes the video so I hope you will like it too :)

JesseJo topless tanning video

Tanning has never been so fun ! Watch Camwithher babe JesseJo getting topless then full naked in this hot tanning session. JesseJo CWH loves to oil up her body and get naked for her fans on cam , showing her big round boobs and her fine ass ! Enjoy this JesseJo topless video !

The ultimate Supermodels - Celebs - Pornstars link site

New Blog Theme

Yay , I think I’m finally done changing my blog theme. Hope you guys like it and if you see any errors, puhleaseee let me know so I can fix them.

There are a couple of things that didnt come out the way I wanted them to, html and css gave me a lot of headaches today so for the moment or until I find a solution, I’m gonna leave them as they are.

I chose this wp theme because was pretty elegant and simple or so I thought lol. I got bored of all that blue and pink (previous theme) . I’m still searching for someone who can design me a nice custom theme for an affordable price. If any sugar daddy wants to pay it for me go ahead lol.

I’ve been taking a break from pc lately, I’m sure many of you have noticed. It was supposed to be a small break, then laziness captured me so it became a very very long break which I can’t say I haven’t enjoyed !

For the next two weeks I’m gonna have visitors, my good friends from Greece are coming over to spend some time with me, but once they are gone I’m gonna be back to camming and making content, zips, updating my fan club and what not ! I must say I miss it terribly !!!!!!  And missed all of ya terribly !!!

So yeah, I’m done for today , please let me know what you think ! Talk to you soon !! <3

The new Logitech webcam C910

I totally love this new hd webcam from Logitech and I would love to have it !!!!!
If any of you guys wants to help me with an amazon gift card , I would return the favor with some hot videos and pictures, for your eyes only hehe. Any amount is good :)
You can send the gift card code at and put for JesseJo in the subject ! <3<3<3

Micro thong – JesseJo

I made a picture set for my Fan Club wearing nothing but this tiny piece of lingerie….Inside the Fan Club , pics are topless + naked. These were posted in the Camwithher forums so that is why they are “flowered” lol.

So no nipples covered, just a tiny micro thing, boobs and pussy close ups !

Can it get any smaller ? hehe Come find out !!

You can find me online on and (naked+toys shows).

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JesseJo World Cup video

CamWithHer Topless Member Chat

Check out my topless member chat teaser from !

Enjoy !