My Clips4Sale store and other news

Hey guys, I’m back 🙂 Gonna start updating my blog again so make sure you bookmark it for easier access.

For now, I just want to break the news about my Clips4Sale store – Jessy Adam’s Clip Store– that I recently launched. Here you will be able to buy all my sexy videos, there will be lots of updates, lots of sexy clips with striptease, high heels, shower scenes, gym clips, big boobs, wet t-shirt, role-play and so on. I have a huge ideas list, I just need to shoot them 😀 I also do custom clips if you like those. Just hit me up with your suggestions and requests 🙂

For now there are only 11 clips in my store but I will add more soon, just need to edit them and upload them. The price for each video is in the description. All the videos are WMV but if you need another file type just let m know. Videos resolution is 640x480px or 856x480px (widescreen).

jessy adams clips4sale

Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter : @JesseJo, I tweet almost daily, add pictures etc…you can easily keep up with what’s going on in my life.

If you want to chat with me or catch a sexy show on cam, you can still find me doing cam shows at Camwithher and ICGirls, my name there is Jessy Jo. If I’m not online, shoot me a message to set up an appointment. And if you want to see more content of me, you can join my Fan Club either at Camwithher or ICGirls, there are over 1000 pictures there, +60 videos and +20 recorded shows that you can enjoy!

I’ll be back posting some stuff soon, I also need to change the theme of the blog , this one is ancient and ugly lol. But bare with me….like they say in the AA meeting….one day at a time lol. Heard that in the movies, I don’t actually drink….my only addiction is heels lol . Muahhhhh guys !!

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4 Responses to “My Clips4Sale store and other news”

  1. Duke Man says:

    Hi Jesse

    I am interested to order a custom video from you.

    How much di you charge per minute?

  2. Duke says:

    Hi Jessy,

    How do I go about ordering a custom video?


  3. james floros says:

    can you please stop making those boob inflation vids. You are so amazingly sexy and wasting your potential to be making hotter vids that appeal to a larger demographic than just the boob inflation fetishists… 🙁

  4. Jessy Adams says:

    Hey there. Well, I like the BE niche, it’s fun to shoot those videos. What other type of videos would you like to see in my store?

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