New video – Jessy Adams topless in yoga pants

Jessy Adams topless in yoga pants

jessy adams clips4sale

Hey crazy kids, what have you been up to ? I’ve been slacking as usual :D

Just woke up…..last night I went to bed and I only fell asleep after 4 hours or so, ugh, pain in the ass, I hate insomnia. And now I’m a little bit sleepy lol, wish I could sleep a couple more hours, but oh well…..I can’t :) Duty calls lol. I’m drinking my coffee and then I’ll get started on shooting a couple of custom videos for my boys. Someone is gonna be really happy tonight :D If you want a custom video too, shoot me an email at jessyadamsc4s @ gmail dot com<—spam protection lol. (Don’t use this address to contact me about anything else other than custom videos inquiries, I will not reply your message.)

Speaking of videos, I recently added a new video in my clips store at Clips4sale (love this site) . It’s a sexy tease video, me teasing and dancing topless in yoga pants. I start off wearing a tight blue sports bra, but I can’t keep it on for too long, because I’m dying to expose my big 34E juggs … boys know me, I’m an exhibitionist at heart :D  I added a .gif image at the beginning of this post, looks pretty hot, doesn’t it ?

I love shooting videos, as of recently too. Before, I preferred doing pictures instead of videos, I don’t know why, maybe coz I thought that videos are more time consuming than picture sets. But now I’ve changed my mind, I think the time and effort is worth it, some of them are so fun to shoot, and I’m so pleased with the final result. And I love editing them :) Sometimes I get crazy fun scripts  for custom videos and it’s insane, I swear I have such a good time hehe. I just got one, lol, can’t wait to shoot it, I just need to buy a prop gun lol….I’ll say no more.

Ok, time to go boys, need to get ready for camming and to shoot the video. Follow me on Twitter to keep up with my life, I tweet almost every day :) @JesseJo.

Jessy Adams wet white t-shirt in the shower – new video

Jessy Adams Wet White T-Shirt in the Shower HD

Heya guys. How is everyone today ?

Few days ago, I announced you on my twitter account that I’m gonna add a shower video in my Clips4Sale store. It took me quite a few days to edit it since it was quite long. So long that I had to split it in two different clips, one with a wet white top on and the second clip, washing and soaping up my body. I will add the second clip by the end of the week, it’s already finished, just need to upload it.

For now, I uploaded the first clip, I think it turned out great and the white wet top’s fans will be really pleased. Click here to view it !

The video is shot in 1280x720px HD and it has its original sound. Here is the clip’s description :

Feeling kinda hot so I decided to take a shower in a see through white shirt and get wet. Watch my big boobs and my dark nipples showing thru the wet t-shirt , water running all over my sexy body, wetting my panties and moaning while you are getting rock hard for me. You can admire me from three different angles, front, top/pov and up-skirt angle. Resolution: 1280×720 px HD – original sound.
Make sure you bookmark my clips store, currently there are 18 clips in there but there will be lots of sexy updates coming up, various themes that you’re gonna make your pants drop :D Feel free to hit me up if you are interested in a custom video, I love original and fun ideas and I’m usually very open minded.
Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter to keep in touch with me and see the sexy pics that I tweet, nsfwselfies, topless pictures, naked pictures, casual pics and what not :) Muahhhh guys !

Jessy Adams in a Marine costume

Hey guys, I finally made some time to post here again….damn, it’s been so long since my last post, but well, at least time between the posts is shrinking, from years to months now lol.

I have so many things to share with you, yet so little time to do it. Today I wanted to tell you about my sexy little teaser clip that I just posted at Camwithher, Jessy Adams in a Marine costume. I’m a naughty Marine Sgt….getting wild and loosing my uniform, piece by piece, until I get fully naked….but you can’t really see that part unless you watch the full video. There are two ways for you to do that, that’s either by joining my Camwithher Fan Club, or by buying the clips from my Clips4Sale store.

This was a custom video, I love doing custom videos, they are so fun and most of the times, the ideas are so naughty and original. If you liked it and you want to order a custom video as well, leave a comment here or shoot me a message on Twitter : @JesseJo.

My Clips4Sale store and other news

Hey guys, I’m back :) Gonna start updating my blog again so make sure you bookmark it for easier access.

For now, I just want to break the news about my Clips4Sale store – Jessy Adam’s Clip Store- that I recently launched. Here you will be able to buy all my sexy videos, there will be lots of updates, lots of sexy clips with striptease, high heels, shower scenes, gym clips, big boobs, wet t-shirt, role-play and so on. I have a huge ideas list, I just need to shoot them :D I also do custom clips if you like those. Just hit me up with your suggestions and requests :)
For now there are only 11 clips in my store but I will add more soon, just need to edit them and upload them. The price for each video is in the description. All the videos are WMV but if you need another file type just let m know. Videos resolution is 640x480px or 856x480px (widescreen).

Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter : @JesseJo, I tweet almost daily, add pictures etc…you can easily keep up with what’s going on in my life.

If you want to chat with me or catch a sexy show on cam, you can still find me doing cam shows at Camwithher and ICGirls, my name there is Jessy Jo. If I’m not online, shoot me a message to set up an appointment. And if you want to see more content of me, you can join my Fan Club either at Camwithher or ICGirls, there are over 1000 pictures there, +60 videos and +20 recorded shows that you can enjoy!

I’ll be back posting some stuff soon, I also need to change the theme of the blog , this one is ancient and ugly lol. But bare with me….like they say in the AA meeting….one day at a time lol. Heard that in the movies, I don’t actually drink….my only addiction is heels lol . Muahhhhh guys !!

Picture of the day – Ass

Time to post again in the Picture Of the Day section, yayy !

Today I ve got some ass to show ya hehe ! Comment if you like my bootyyyyy ! :P

Super Sexy Abdominal Thrusts

This video is so funny and hot hehe , interesting way of learning how to do abdominal thrusts also known as the Heimlich Maneuver, isn’t it ?
That guy is so yummmmyyy, I wish he could perform on me lol….perform what ? Uhm….whatever he can haha . :D

New galleries at CamWithHer

I just added some new sexy galleries of my hot girlfriends from in the free galleries section (scroll down the page for the full list). I will also list them bellow so you don’t miss them. Enjoy !

  • Gisele and Layla looking sexy in fishnet
  • Valentina is ready for the football season
  • Femme topless on bed
  • Layla and Shanelle in bikini
  • DanniGee posing sexy on the bed
  • Mayia in a black babydoll
  • Vikki posing in a black babydoll
  • Valentina in body paint
  • Veronica in black bikini
  • Jessica Klein in fishnets
  • Valentina in a golden bikini
  • Brianna wearing body paint
  • How I learned to perform CPR – Super sexy CPR

    So Micah was saying that he doesnt trust my CPR skills so I wanted to show him where I learned CPR from :D:D:D
    I swear I’ll follow all the steps precisely, especially if the victim is as hot as the babe in the video ! I can’t wait to begin the compressions haha !

    The Last Exorcism – BEST OF Chatroulette reactions

    I was reading James’s blog and I saw this awesome funny video, almost made me piss my panties laughing ! (Just kidding, I wasn’t wearing any :D)

    Watch all these guys, looking idiotic at the sight of this pretty girl stripping for them, until she turns into she-devil.

    Happy Titty Tuesday

    Happy Titty Tuesday everyone, yayyyy !  Time to enjoy some big titties, right ?

    I signed up for an account at FormSpringMe and now you guys can ask me anything you like here : even anonymously.

    I will make sure to answer all the questions you send me , this is gonna be fun, yay !!!!

    Today I received my FreeOnes gear in the mail and I was soooo excited ! I also got a free DVD with some lesbian action hehe, that is so hot , interesting to watch ! Let’s see, what else I got ….a FO pen, a couple of FO tattoo stickers and the FO gear.

    I can’t wait to shoot some sexy hot pictures in their gear, I’ll try to do it soon ! As I said, I’m really excited about it !

    Some while ago I posted a Chipin widget on my blog, so I just wanted to remind you that if you want you can contribute to my new laptop and expect hot pictures and videos in exchange. All the trransactions are safe and are processed thru PayPal, I won’t see any of your private info so no worries, you are safe !  Click here to visit my Chipin page.

    Feel free to comment on my posts and ask me anything using the FormSpringme widget ! Kisssssss !!

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